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Regain Confidence with Dentures

Types of Dentures

Dentures, also known as “false teeth,” are flesh-colored plates that hold prosthetic teeth. Dentures are removable and easy to maintain. If you are missing most or all your teeth, you may be a candidate for dentures. Give us a call or schedule an appointment to see one of our specialists. We are the premier dental practice for dentures Matthews, NC has to offer.

Full Dentures – If you are missing a full set of teeth, full dentures can be used to replace them. Whether you’re missing your top teeth, bottom teeth, or all of your teeth, dentures can replace them.

Partial Dentures – If you are only missing some of your teeth, partial dentures can be created to fill them in.

Why Consider Dentures?

There are many benefits of dentures, including:

  • Dentures Are Removable – Dentures slide onto your gums and create a seal with your gums that helps them stay in place. You can take them off to to clean them or when you sleep.
  • Eat What You Want – Dentures allow you to eat any foods you like as though you have normal teeth.
  • Improve Your Smile – Missing teeth can make you self-conscious. Dentures can help return confidence in your smile.
  • Long Lasting – With proper maintenance, dentures can last anywhere from five to ten years.

What is the Process for Getting Dentures?

Come in for your consultation. We will examine you to determine if dentures in Matthews, NC are the right choice for you.

Get impressions of your gums/teeth. The impressions will be sent to a lab to have your dentures created.

Come in for your second appointment. Once we receive your dentures, we will place them and check the fit. We will also discuss proper maintenance and care.

Follow all care instructions. We may want to see you for a follow-up appointment to ensure everything is working as it should.

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Get Your Smile Back!

At Craft Smiles we understand that missing teeth can be upsetting. A set of false teeth can help you smile again. Don’t hesitate. Call us today!

Denture Pain Management

Given that dentures are a foreign object inserted into your mouth, you may experience minor pain and discomfort for the first few weeks after having them put in. But there’s no need to worry. The human body is extremely adaptable, and your mouth will soon get used to the presence of the dentures and any pain or discomfort will subside.

But, during the initial week or two, we recommend that you remove the dentures overnight, to allow your mouth some pain relief. You can also choose to wear the dentures only for a few hours of the day until you get used to them.

There are also gels and ointments available, which when applied to your gums, give you immediate relief. Aloe vera gel, in particular, has a soothing and cooling effect. Proper gum maintenance can also help reduce gum inflammation and pain. Rinsing your mouth with warm salt water for 30 seconds every few hours can also help reduce gum inflammation and pain.

Can You Sleep with Dentures?

Absolutely! However, we do recommend taking them off at night. Dentures add pressure to your gums throughout the day and taking them off allows your gums to relax and recover.

Caring for Your Dentures

What Should You Do if Your Dentures Wear Out?

Did you know that dentures can accumulate a build-up of stains, plaque, and tartar?

Dentures are just like regular teeth, and they need to be cleaned every day to ensure that they aren’t ruined and your gums don’t become vulnerable to infection.

Dip your dentures (partial or full) into a bowl/tub of lukewarm water and let them sit for a few minutes. This will get rid of large food particles that may be lodged inside. Do not use hot water to wash your dentures, since this can warp their shape.

Next, use a soft bristle brush specifically designed for dentures to brush your dentures.  You can use denture paste or mild hand/dishwashing soap to clean them. A paste made from salt and baking soda can also be applied to whiten your dentures. Once this is done, re-soak them in clean water and re-insert in your mouth. You may also use mouthwash to clean your teeth further.

In addition to this, you can soak your dentures in a bowl of equal parts water and distilled vinegar once a week for 15 minutes, to get rid of the bacteria accumulated within the dentures.

Over time, your dentures may break, chip off or get discolored. Poorly-fitting and damaged dentures can rub against the gums and cause friction-related discomfort and sore spots in the mouth. If untreated, these can get infected. The best thing to do in this circumstance is to have your dentures repaired or replaced.

Visit Dr. Monica Patel at Craft Smiles for repair and replacement of your dentures in Matthews, NC. Our dentures are very durable and depending on your lifestyle, you may not need to replace them for 5 to 8 years. During denture replacement, we will analyze the shape of your gums, jawline and mouth and build personalized dentures for you. We can also give you denture adhesives to help you keep your dentures in place.

Contact us for more information.