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Advanced Technology

Premier Service in a Conveniently-Located, Friendly Environment

At Craft Smiles, we value your time and want to make your experience pleasant and easy. We are dedicated to obtaining advanced technology to help us give you the best service possible. Here are some of the many technologies we leverage for your benefit:

Digital X-Rays
X-rays have been used for years to take images of your teeth and the surrounding structure. These images help us give an accurate diagnosis. Now, rather than use traditional x-rays, we can provide you with digital images. Digital x-rays have many advantages over traditional x-rays, such as:

  • They use up to 70% less radiation.
  • No wait to develop film. The digital images are available quickly for examination.
  • Digital x-rays can be emailed to other dental offices/specialists, as needed.
  • They are generally less expensive and easily stored on our computer.

Enjoy Advanced Technology with a Personalized Approach that Takes the Stress Away

Intraoral Cameras
Intraoral cameras are small, pen-shaped cameras that we can use to show you the interior of your mouth. The video feed links directly to a monitor in real-time, allowing us to discuss together the current oral health issues you may have.

Digital Impressions
Using intra-oral scanners, we can take digital impressions of your teeth. These impressions can be sent to laboratories to create dental pieces, such as veneers and crowns. Dental impressions are much more convenient and, generally, more effective than traditional impressions taken using a mold.

At Craft Smiles, our technology has a purpose: to help you. Call us today!

Cone Beam Computed Tomography
Cone beam computed tomography (or CBCT) is a medical imaging special type of X-ray that uses computed tomography where the X-rays are divergent, forming a cone. This method is used by our dentists when regular dental or facial x-rays are not sufficient. CBCT is used for implant placement and root canals.